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Access Portal for Dental Informatics, Computerized Dentistry and Dental CAD/CAM


eDental Health

The background of eDentalHealth is the use of technology and electronic communication to support the delivery and management of dental healthcare services. eDentalHealth offers the rich potential of supplementing traditional delivery of services and channels of communication in ways that extend our ability to meet the needs of our patients. Benefits include enhanced access to information and resources, empowerment of patients to make informed healthcare decisions, streamlined organizational processes and transactions, and improved quality, value, and patient satisfaction.  

The goal of the eDentalHealth Task Force  chartered in April 2005, is composed of a multidisciplinary team of subject matter experts in critical areas, whose purpose is to support and strengthen the development and implementation of eDentalHealth initiatives and policies.



Coordination and contact:

Jef van der Zel, Computerized Dentistry ACTA Amsterdam.

General Tasks:

- Continuing education an scientific discourse on the possibilities of employing modern

  information technology to improve the quality provided by dental practices;

- Studies on the practicability (suitability and relevance to practice) of IT products in daily

  clinical routine in terms of physiological and cognitive-ergonomic factors;

- Creative feedback for industrial research and development;

- Interdisciplinary, integrative cooperation on an international level;

- Promotion of close cooperation with computer scientists.