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      Unified  Modeling Language


The current approach to software development involves common elements, including iterative development, development of software geared to meeting the needs of users and the continually testing and prioritizing of requirements. The underlying rationale is that projects will enjoy greater success if the development team functions as a unit and the project applies recognized instances of best practice. Architectural risks should be addressed at as early a stage as possible, ensuring the manageability of any subsequent problems. This facilitates the creation of a feasible, stable and future-proof software architecture. The framework is based on Unified Modeling Language, which is a formal language used to describe diagrams, and object orientation. The formal definition of events enables developers flexibility in implementation regardless of platform or architecture without the need for the models to be changed.  Ideally, the most adept specialists of our field should develop the models and flow charts, or be closely involved in the preparatory stages of the systemsí development. This has so far rarely been the case. The resulting high-tech products did not fit well within the context of a dental practice and ultimately wound up being used only for specific applications in a limited number of dental clinics. Using a user-friendly graphical interface, dentists could navigate in an augmented virtual reality, making it possible to work in a much more effective and confident manner than is presently allowed by the constricting oral environment. User friendliness would, for example, take the form of a program that, after the preferences are entered, would present the dentist or dental technician with a design proposal that would require minimal or no changes. In addition, a program must not leave the user high and dry in the event of errors, offering solutions to foreseeable problems instead.



The Unified Modeling Language (UML) is afamily of graphical notations, backed by a single meta-model, that help in describing and designing software systems, particularly software systems built using the object-oriented (OO) style. The UNL is a relatively open standard, controlled by the Object Management Group (OMG), an open consortium of companies. Developers use the UMl to help communicate some aspects of a system. Also a dsign needs to be sufficiently complete in that all design decisions are laid out, and the programmer should be able to follow it as a pretty straightforward activity that requires little thought. The designer might be the same person as the programmer.