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Access Portal for Dental Informatics, Computerized Dentistry and Dental CAD/CAM



IADR Special Interest Group 

Dental CADCAM 



Many contributions on the subject of research on Dental CAD/CAM are being disseminated either in the sessions of Dental Materials, Prosthodontics Research, Implantology Research or Diagnostic Systems. This research area, which in recent years is significantly growing in importance, deserves a better focus. This idea has led to an initiative for the formation of a Special Interest Group Dental CAD/CAM within the IADR at the IADR Conference in Washington in 2000. 

The most important goals of the Special Interest Group Dental CAD/CAM (SIG Dental CADCAM) are: 1.      To get more research focus on Dental CAD/CAM subjects and bringing together the individual researchers active in this research area; 2.      To determine the state of knowledge on Dental CAD/CAM and define future needs and direction for research on Dental CAD/CAM; 3.      To get a better understanding of what is really required by dentistry of CAD/CAM; 4.      To establish a separate Dental CAD/CAM Research Group within the IADR.  Dental CADCAM Research Subjects:

● Computer Aided Scanning (CAS), radiography, optical impression, MRI

● Computer Aided Design (CAD), virtual articulation, finite element analysis

● Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM), CADCAM materials, clinical

● Computer Aided Implantology (CAI), computer guided implantogy, surgical guides

● Computer Aided Dental Decision Making (CADDM), diagnosis, treatment planning.

                  Van P Thomson, president 

                  Nicolas Jedynakiewics, secretary

                  Rien van Waas, treasurer

                  Jef M. van der Zel, coordinator

                  Rich Rusin, program chair

                  Kuzhuhiro Hikita, council

                  Allessandro Degivus, editor

           SIG CADCAM                         

1st SIG Dental CADCAM symposium at IADR conference in Washington 2000

Title:                                "Advances in Dental CADCAM"

Speakers:                          J.M. van der Zel, V.P. Thompson, C.L. Davidson, C.A. Muños

Group sponsors:                  Dental Materials, Prosthodontics 

Industry sponsors:              Cicero Dental, DCS, 3M Dental Products, GC International,

                                       Nobelbiocare and Sirona  

Organizer:                         Jef van der Zel 


The advent of CAD/CAM technology to dentistry is revolutionizing the practice of prosthodontics. Increasingly sophisticated software and automated fabrication will replace many of the current labor-intensive techniques. This symposium will review advances in various aspects of dental CAD/CAM technology. Different commercially available CAD/CAM systems and materials will be discussed with respect to clinical application. All-ceramic posterior crowns have significant failure rates (10-30%) after five years, which can be related to luting cement, core elastic modulus, and can be modeled by contact fatigue testing. Machining operations during CAD/CAM processing can create damage that accelerates ceramic fatique; high strength ceramics and layered structured may provide improvements. Design criteria for CAD/CAM restorations will be reviewed and compared to conventional restorations. Both glass ionomer and resin-based composite cements provide adhesion to ceramic, but behave very differently. The interaction between layer thickness, shrinkage stress, viscoelasticity, modulus, and strength for a thin cement layer will be discussed with respect to durability of CAD/CAM rstorations. It is hoped that this symposium will lead to more research focus on dental CAD/CAM and bring together individual researchers active in this area. Published J Dent Res 79, 2000, #3:144. 

On April 7th 2000 the Special Interest Group CADCAM had its first founding organisational meeting.

2nd SIG Dental CADCAM symposium at IADR conference in Chiba in 2001

Title:                                       “Dental CADCAM Systems

Speakers:                          F. Duret, K. Hikita, D. Nathanson

Group sponsors:                  Dental Materials, Prosthodontics

Industry sponsors:              GC

Organizer:                         Atsushi Kohno   


The practical use of CAD/CAM technologyin the industrial world is remarkably advanced in recent years. It contributes the production of the materials in high quality and low cost. The production systems of dental prosthesis with CAD/CAM technology have been widely developed and clinically applied in a field of dentistry in the world. The prosthetic preparation have been depended on the skill of the dental technician for long period and the provided dental prosthesis are not always fulfill the all of requirements in some cases. The application of CAD?CAM prosthesis production systems enables mechanical production of high quality dental prosthesis which was the complicated and time taking work of dental techniciansCAD/CAM systems were outlined. Prof. Dan Nathanson (USA) Dr. Kazuhiro Hikita (Japan) and Prof. François Duret (France) discussed the present status and future perspective of dental CAD/CAM systems in USA, Japan and Europe respectively. Published: J Dent Res 80, 2001, IADR Abstract #1748, p. 745.

3rd SIG Dental CADCAM symposium at IADR conference in Dublin in 2006


Organizer Information

Jef M. van der Zel

Computerized Dentistry

Academic Center for Dentistry Amsterdam

Universiteit van Amsterdam and Vrije Universiteit

Louwesweg 1

1066 EA Amsterdam

Tel: +31 229 259020

Email: j.vd.zel@acta.nl


Symposium Information

Title: "Present Status of Dental CADCAM - What’s next?"

Group Sponsors: SIG Dental CADCAM, Prosthodontics Group, Dental Materials


Supported by: DCS, Dentsply International/DeguDent, Hint-Els,

3M/Espe, NobelBiocare, 3Shape, Sirona Dental Systems,

Vita Zahnfabrik.


Chairperson: J.M. van der Zel


Speaker Information



Speaker: Professor Ralph Luthardt

Institution: Dresden University of Technology

Address: University Hospital, Dresden

Title of Presentation:

CAD/CAM – New Technologies and Developments



Speaker: Professor Jef M. van der Zel

Institution: Academic Center for Dentistry Amsterdam

Address: Louwesweg 1, 1066 EA Amsterdam

Title of Presentation:

Augmented Reality Metamodel for Dentistry



Speaker: Professor Albert Feilzer

Institution: Academic Center for Dentistry Amsterdam

Address: Louwesweg 1, 1066 EA Amsterdam

Title of Presentation:

Standardization of Dental CADCAM Modalities



Speaker: Professor Van P. Thompson

Institution: University of New York

Address: College of Dentistry, New York University, New York

Title of Presentation:

CAD/CAM – New Materials Research

Title: " Present Status of Dental CADCAM – What’s next?"

Computerized dentistry in the form of dental CADCAM is more and more closing the gap with traditional restorative and prosthetic dentistry and validation of the present status dental CADCAM has become imminent.

A wide spread survey on dental CADCAM technology research based on several information sources will be presented.

Software architecture and quality are key to the acceptance of computerized dentistry and to achieve maximum benefit for the dentist and the patient. Research on model-driven architecture, re-usable software components and interoperability within the context of daily dental practice is needed for succesful implementation.

Development of standards for dental CADCAM modalities such as digital impression systems, electronic patient records and communication protocols are necessary to achieve harmonization in dental CADCAM.

A wide range of new materials have become possible due to developments in CADCAM- technology. Research into the effects on the integrity and long-term durability of automated fabrication methods is presented and new research challenges explored.


09.00-09.30 CADCAM – New Technologies and developments Ralph Luthardt

09.30-10.30 Augmented Reality Metamodel for Dentistry Jef M. van der Zel

10.30-11.00 Standardization of CADCAM modalities Albert Feilzer

11.00-11.30 CADCAM – New Materials Research Van P. Thompson