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Product News


At the IDS 2005 a new scannerwas presented by 3Shape, Copenhagen. 3Shape's D-200 is a state-of-the-art 3D scanner used to create 3D copies of full dental casts, bridge sections, impression bite registrations, wax-ups, super structures or dies. The scanner projects a laser plane on the object and moves it along 3 axes to ensure a complete coverage of its geometry and easily covers undercuts. 3Shape's D-200 3D scanner accurately captures full dental casts, single dies, antagonists and wax-ups.

The system is open and offers the most advanced 3D technology packed in a very user-friendly interface. Among others it allows you to scan full casts or dies automatically and easily design caps, crowns, inlays and bridges from the scanned data.

3Shape's open system allow you to manufacture your products on any suitable milling machine, 3D printer or to use generally available manufacturing services. 3Shape also offers scanners and software used in orthodontics applications.

3Shape's DentalDesigner is a flexible and intuitive 3D modelling software package in which you can easily create 3D models of caps, crowns, inlays and bridges.

The 3Shape scanner can be used to scan full dental casts. The software is used for digital storage, analysis and 3D measurements.




  3Shape D-200