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Access Portal for Dental Informatics, Computerized Dentistry and Dental CAD/CAM




Computerized Dentistry


"Computerized Dentistry in Implantology, Orthodontics and Prostodontics has less to do with Computers than with Dentistry".


One has to realize that the computer itself is a simple tool and that we use its software to deal with imaging, diagnosis and treatment in the dental clinic.



Since 1977 many computer applications were developed. However, although 95% of the dentists use a computer for patient administration, the clinical use of the computer is still below 20%. The hear very often from clinicians: I love the system I just dont use it. This poses the biggest challenge to both industry and science to cooperate and develop operatorfriendly, context-aware applications and apply them in an integrated environment.  












 Computerized Dentistry


 1. Introduction                             

 2. Overview Applications  


 3. Scanning & Imaging


 4. Planning & Design


 5. Virtual Articulator




 6. CADCAM Materials  




 7. CADCAM Production  




 8. Quality & Validation




 9. Clinical Studies




 10.Computer Practice




 11. Glossary




 12. Literature