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Access Portal for Dental Informatics, Computerized Dentistry and Dental CAD/CAM






Cyrtina® CAD/CAM (Oratio B.V., Zwaag, NL) was developed to support dental laboratories by increasing their efficiency with collaborative computerized dentistry

to the benefit of dentists and patients by providing them with beautiful, safe and durable restorations for a better quality of life.











The system consists of a mulitifunctional, efficient lasertriagulation scanner with Cyrtina CSD scansoftware and CyrtinaCAD design software. The scan/design-data are send to Cyrtina® Center and the restoration will be “returned” in a matter of days.

Using antagonists will also facilitate the modellation of substructures and shape the pontics and the copings to a reduced anatomical shape to allow for a porcelain layer with equal thickness. This reduces stresses that occur during cooling after firing.


Up to 6-unit bridges can be produced in BioZyram® zirconia, whereby the coneector areas are calculated by taking into account the span length and the position in the mouth. The bridge can also be designed and produced as a cantilever- or a Maryland-type.

BioZyram® zirconia is available in 6 shades for different porcelain color groups