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On the thirtieth of October two thousand and three, the Board of the University of Amsterdam approved the establishment of the endowed chair of Computerized Dentistry (PDF) within the Faculty of Dentistry. Computerized Dentistry entails:  

‘Research into the integration of hardware and software in the context of dentistry and, to subsequently promote the development of user-friendly, efficient and cost-effective computer applications for diagnosis and treatment of patients for dental health care’.


Five years ago, the Dental Materials Science section established a research project in close collaboration with the Department of Oral Function and the business community to investigate the development and application of CAD-CAM systems in restorative dentistry. The seeds for this project were initially sown during the implementation of a university research effort funded by the STW Technology Foundation, conducted by the Dental Materials Science section and the Utrecht University Department of Oral-Maxillofacial Surgery, Prosthodontics and Special Dental Care.


Jef van der Zel holds the endowed chair of the Faculty of Dentistry (Academic Centre for Dentistry) of the Universiteit van Amsterdam en de Vrije Universiteit. He is a pioneer in the field of restorative computerized dentistry and has been working on the development of CAD-CAM dental systems since 1987.